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Not Your Average AI.

ReleaseAI is built by the DevOps experts at Release. Our team has looked at the tasks and problems we want AI to help us perform and has worked to create a solution combining the power of generative AI with specific knowledge domains. The result: the ability to ask questions not only about your code, but cloud architectures, state of infrastructure components, even trouble tickets, and team roles.  

Some examples of complex DevOps tasks where ReleaseAI can help:

  • Which pods are running in the namespace starting with sample1234?
  • Given deployments, replicasets, and pods in the namespace sample1234. Please draw dependencies between them in a graphviz output format.
  • What is the status of pod db-5bfdd8c9d4-xhj7s in namespace sample1234-example-voting-app-2020-username-release-2020?
  • What was my AWS bill yesterday?

Learn more in our docs.

What makes ReleaseAI unique to DevOps teams?

Specific knowledge about your architecture and environment

Allows teams to extend OpenAI LLM with public and private libraries providing up-to-date, specific, and relevant insights into organization data to enrich the accuracy of results with the right context.

Language models trained with DevOps expertise

Workflows and goals enriched with Release DevOps domain expertise derived from decades of experience with hundreds of organizations.

A developer-friendly CLI interface

Enables you to use AI to perform tasks and provide insights into system state and configuration in a straightforward, prompt-based manner. 

Talk to your infrastructure today.

Quit bugging your DevOps engineers and get answers directly in your CLI.