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See how the combination of AI plus the DevOps expertise of Release delivers richer insights, and better results for app dev and delivery teams
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AI that speaks your language

Faster, Smarter, Safer DevOps

Were you excited by the promise of generative AI, but became frustrated by the lack of context-specific utility and domain knowledge that helps solve tedious application delivery problems? We were too! That’s why we build β€” a DevOps assistant that handles daily infrastructure queries and tasks giving developers the answers they need, when they need them, without the toil.

Teamwork. Amplified

  • Streamline Collaboration
    Eliminates mundane requests and friction points, ensuring smoother team interactions and workflows.
  • Instant Answers
    Get immediate responses to your DevOps questions, and keep moving with your tasks at hand.
  • Your Friend in DevOps
    Bridge the gap between development and operations, by enabling seamless collaboration and expediting your progress.
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Insights without Gatekeepers

  • Expedite Problem-Solving
    Ditch the dependency on a handful of experts. Now every engineer is well-equipped to navigate intricate systems.
  • Break Free from Bottlenecks
    Get infrastructure answers you need, when you need them, and carry out tasks without delays.
  • Safeguard Know-How
    Keep your operational knowledge within your organization and share with teams that need it, when they need it.

Your Personal Sidekick

  • Tailored Precision
    Combining the power of AI with specific domain knowledge to get the answer relevant to you and your systems.
  • Informed Decisions
    Get answers on your code, cloud architectures, state of infra components, even trouble tickets, and team roles.
  • Continuous Learning
    Your constant learning companion, offering real-time insights and cutting-edge best practices.

The Future of AI-powered Development is Here

  • Automate Routine Tasks
    Automate daily tasks and queries and stay up-to date on relevant developments with custom cron jobs.
  • Integrate with your Stack
    Get insights on your cloud accounts, current infrastructure, monitoring tools, and everything you need to keep tabs on.
  • Growing Toolbox
    Shape the roadmap of by sharing your feedback, experience and requests, as we keep iterating.
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Your DevOps sidekick is your personalized tool for better, faster, smarter engineering. Take control, innovate and keep moving.

Try it. Connect it. Get insights.

Start in sandbox and play with prompts against a real system instantly.
When ready, add your cloud accounts to get answers about you system.
Use the Web UI or download Release CLI to get answers directly in your console.
Connect with us on Slack for real-time feedback, support and idea-sharing.